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Lakeside City, Texas

We discovered this beautiful piece of art done by Crystal of CG Design Studio. This piece had all of the markings of a commissioned illustration. When we learned that this was produced as a gift for her beautiful daughter our lips began to quiver. We just had put a spotlight on this one. Here is a description directly from this talented designer/illustrator.

“I wanted the illustration to be simplistic with a whimsical quality. I chose few colors as to not detract from the scene. The girl, a representation of my daughter, is curious about the faeries…but they are just as curious about her. The inquisitiveness, of the faerie in the foreground, is so intense that she cannot help but approach this unknown creature, but within safe distance. The night sky is full of stars that twinkle and glimmer; a faerie in flight exposes the beauty and delicateness of her wings. The grass and foliage is simplistic, yet effective in adding an aura of mystery and balance to the illustration.”

Crystal, Night of the Faeries
In addition to being a great person, Crystal is also a very talented designer.
Take a moment to look at her site. Great work here.
•Visit: cgdesign

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