Vector art and the talented artists who create it


Tokyo, Japan

There are few out there that can even come close to the Adobe Illustrator Master Yukio Miyamoto.
His understanding of software, lighting and dimension is unparalled. This is an example of that talent.

This Leica camera illustration is really something to behold.



Take a closer look at Yukio‘s genius here. The detail is incredible. •


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  • I’m glad you like it.
    Thank you for introducing my work.
    I am became a member of VECTORVAULT now.

  • vector fox

    Yukio, you have a wide range of fans here in Canada.
    Your technique is just amazing!
    Keep us up to date on new work.

  • Yukio, your work is an open challenge to camera manufacturers to match results.
    it’s mind blowing.

  • I agree with Mazkhaleel, but I don’t know how long it would take to match something this realistic.
    I would love to see someone try. I don’t think I’m that someone.

    Anyone up for it?

  • Thank you for introducing my work.

    I made a new work.
    Tube doesn’t use the gradation mesh at all.

    This guitar is made in Germany.
    It is one of my favorite guitar.
    This work doesn’t use the gradation mesh at all.

    This is a very expensive fountain pen.
    The penpoint uses the blend tool.
    The gradation mesh uses only the grip part.
    It doesn’t use it for another.
    After acknowledgment is received from the agency of the pen manufacturer in Japan, it draws.

    Thank you vector fox Mazkhaleel, point-n-click !

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