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King Sunshine – Album design

Toronto, Canada

King Sunshine released their second album (appropriately titled: Second Movement ). Adam Jarvis was commissioned to create cd packaging that had an “organic feel”. Using our Vectorvault™ collection as a base, Adam constructed flowers using instruments and icons related to the band. The results speak for themselves.


Here is a review of the album:

A burst of energy kicks off King Sunshine’s sophomore album Second Movement. The catchy guitar riffs and strong backing from the horns and percussions sections on “At the Party” gets the groove started and introduces new lead singer Maya Chilton’s impressive pipes.

Toronto’s King Sunshine describe themselves as a House Orchestra, but with this new record they have solidified themselves as leaders in Canada’s Acid Jazz (or Nu-Jazz) scene. They seamlessly fuse elements of jazz, house, dance, disco and funk into their own concoction of dance inciting music that has been keeping clubs across eastern Canada bumping for years.

Special mention needs to be made of “That Rag”, the 1920’s inspired track that conjures thoughts of smoky swing clubs and is a perfect companion piece to the crowd favorite “Bourbon Town” (which is the only song on the album repeated from their self-titled debut). If you like to dance to funky homegrown grooves don’t miss this new offering, and make sure to check them out next time they come to your town.

Matthew Gorman


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  • vector fox

    Great packaging. I like the organic feel. Really great approach.
    It looks very “street”. Like it.

  • Ansley

    Wow Adam!

    That looks so amazing! Great work as always.

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