STOP! – Mallet Time!

Annandale, Australia -

The MC Mallet by Vert Design is a small sheet of pre-cut plywood. When disassembled from it’s flat form and reassembled according to design, it makes a working hammer. The mallet can be used for woodworking, cooking, assembling furniture or as a toy.

There is something very creative and efficient about this design. It has an “Ikea-like” feel to it. We were very impressed by the practicality of this and would like to see this approach taken with other tools. It looks like it’s light weight, easy to ship, recyclable, easy to assemble, environmentally sound and pretty darn smart. Good job.

Download the instructional pdf here.

Purchase your own here.

* Source: Vert Design
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One Response

  1. What a tremendous concept. Easy to ship. Light weight. Emvironmentally friendly too?

    Nice work Australia!

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