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VECTOR LAPTOP SKINS – Dress up your deck

Munich, Germany is a collaboration between designer and graffiti artist Neck.CNS and laptopskin manufacturer . This site and the designs available here are made by Neck.CNS, the skins are then produced and shipped to you by Some of the designs are really great. If you are a vector art lover – why not show the world?


About Neck.CNS: Starting his graffiti career in Munich in the summer of 1989, Neck soon felt confined by the rules set by the traditional graffiti context. He was among the first German writers to experiment with 3D lettering in the beginning of the 90’s.

Soon after, his work as a Designer started to influence his graffiti work and he introduced more and more graphic design elements into his styles, leaving the traditional look and feel of graffiti behind.

Asked about his work, Neck says: “There is a massive amount of inspiration, input and development to be derived from the force field existing between the movement and emotion conveyed in a wildstyle and the more reduced and somewhat clinical beauty of graphical layouts: this force field is the area in which I operate.”


“Our laptop skins are professionally designed vinyl “stickers” that make your laptop unique. Do you want to be different, stand out from the crowd? Our laptop skin designs make your laptop special.

We use only well-tested materials and printing technologies which are also used in the graphic design, signmaking and automotive industries.Our design stickers will even protect your notebook against abrasion and damage. We use an ultra-strong laminate to ensure that your laptop skin lasts and your laptop does too.”



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