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MANDY REINMUTH – Retro-tacular

Leipzig, Germany –

Mandy Reinmuth is an artist who is praised for her original grasp of
life and “cool”. The artist from Leipzig categorises her art as
Contemporary Pop Art and Lounge Art“.


Inspired by the rediscovery of the Lounge bar scene, in contrast to the classic American Bar, these lounges are renowned for their chilled-out music and relaxed surroundings. Her illustrations reflect the scene and the atmosphere created by the house, jazz and easy listening music. Also the clean, chic, trendy and sexy influences from the 50`s, 60`s and 70`s are represented in her use of shape and form.


You can purchase:
more prints

Mandy’s portfolio is quite robust. There are several examples that are worth seeing.
Take a moment to explore her work.

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  • Mandy uses: to sell her prints. Great tip!
    I’m going to check it out for my own stuff.

  • vector fox

    I enjoy Mandy’s style. I can see it doing very well.

  • I really like this illustrator allot. She has a very human touch. Inspiring.

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