Vector art and the talented artists who create it


Australia / New York

‘Pattern your life!’ is the strategy of ellynelly. Mother & daughter team Elaine & Nell Oliver (Elaine lives in Cairns, Australia and Nell is based in New York, USA) are both experienced textile designers with an intense interest in pattern. Their aim is to produce a creative range of designs using different mediums.


With ellynelly’s wall decals , the first of many products they hope to develop, you can quickly (no need to knock holes in walls..) and inexpensively transform any room into a happy and artistic space. These designs are easily applied and look great on walls, windows, mirrors, fridges, tiles, ceilings, bathrooms, toilets. Any smooth clean surface is suitable! Check out their Etsy shop, they have many nature inspired designs available.



Learn more about this incredible mother/daughter team here.



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  • I wish my mom and I did stuff like this together. Looks like fun.

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