Vector art and the talented artists who create it

Willie-Otto Beeslaar

Edinburgh, Scotland

Willie-Otto Beeslaar is the creative output of South Africa, now a Scottish based artist, designer illustrator and soul surfer. We were fortunate to stumble upon this imaginative illustrator and could not wait to showcase some of our favorites. Enjoy:

  • Name: Ocean
    Description: Vector Illustration & Poster Design for Semi-competitive 2007

    Name: Wet Dream
    Description: Vector Illustration
    Name: Fine Tuned
    Description: Vector Illustration
    Name: Playground
    Description: Vector Illustration

    Willie is also a tremendously talented photographer and designer. Take a moment to take a look at some of his most recent works on his website.
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  • I love that peice “Ocean”. Very nice.

  • Magnetic and magical. Dope.

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