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Soul Husters Convention – Poster

Toronto, Canada

Soul Hustlers Convention has been hammering out social events for several years now. Each party has an all-star line up of recognized djs. This image was commissioned for the poster, flyer and email advertisements. This collective of talented promoters and producers have been long time fans of vector art. They have adopted this style for many of their other events (Love Sensation, New Years 2007 ) and plan to continue supporting the art in the future.


Hosted by:
Stephen Celestial (Divine Interventions)


Lonewolf (Disc12 – Soul Hustlers)

David James (DYRD – Boogie Nights)

Mark Motive (Flashback – Roots Collective)

Saturday March 15, 2008
Harlem Bar
67 Richmond Street East


Here is another example of one of their event posters from May of 2007:


Both of these posters were produced using elements from the VECTORVAULT ™ Collection.


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  • I love the Soul Hustlers Convention. The music is usually very good. Nice flyer.

  • Very Nice! I look forwards to doing these events, because I know the art work will be amazing.

  • vector fox

    The green one is solid. A little busy for my taste. But solid.

    Toronto always seems to turn it out these days.
    Soul Hustlers on the 15th is going to rock.

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