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Bridging the Gap Between Emerging Artists and Creative Professionals.CMYK Magazine is where aspiring creatives showcase their talents to an industry driven by inspiration and new ways of creative problem solving. At the same time, CMYK Magazine is where creative directors, agency principals and art buyers recruit students and recent graduates at today’s top art-design schools: art directors, copywriters, designers, photographers and illustrators.

The Freshest Creative Hand-Picked by the Best in the Business.CMYK Magazine’s quarterly Call For Aspiring Creatives is open to emerging artists across the globe in the fields of art direction, copywriting, design, photography and illustration. Each issue of CMYK Magazine features as many as 100 selections from more than 80 art-design students attending over 30 of the world’s leading art-design schools, departments and workshops. Every piece is selected for print by the industry’s most influential creative professionals.

Education Through Inspiration.Along with a diverse creative showcase, CMYK Magazine reports on those events and individuals breathing new life into commercial art: art-design professionals, juniors, students, graduates and educators dedicating their careers to making the communication art industry a more inspiring place for all of us.


Frequency: Quarterly (spring, summer, fall, winter)
Est. Reach: 70,000
CMYK Magazine, Inc.
3001 Bridgeway Blvd. Ste I (PMB 335)
Sausalito, Calif. 94941
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