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FREE VECTOR DOWNLOADS – Issara Willenskomer

We found this wonderful collection of vector art files on Issara Willenskomer‘s personal portfolio site. He has worked on projects for such clients like MTV, Microsoft, HBO, Motorola, ESPN, Target, Fanta, Baskin Robbins, and more. His portfolio ( is very impressive.Here is what he had to say about his vector collections:

“It seems that I spend a lot of time sourcing various elements. When I started designing, I was creating tons of ‘detail’ pages, which were just Illustrator pages with tons of custom elements. Then I moved on to vector textures, and most recently I’ve wrapped up a bunch of vector drips. I find these elements to be extremely useful for a variety of purposes, and I hope you enjoy them as I have and will enjoy them: with relish!”Issara Willenskomer  

To download one of these collections for FREE simply click on the link below. Take a moment to drop Issara a line with your gratitude.



Hella Goddamn Design Elements: this is the real meat and potatoes of this whole download section, in my opinion. What I’ve done is take just about every single one of my detail pages and created 10 Illustrator pages crammed with elements. There’s a wide range of cool shit here and there’s a lot of it. I highly recommend downloading these and just exploring. Enjoy!


Download Hella Goddamn Design ElementsSize: 8MB (Zipped)





Tasty vector textures: 15 custom Illustrator textures for your texturing needs. Perfect for overlaying or using to mask objects or type to create a sweet distressed look. I find them to be quite tasty when a gradient is applied. Oh yeah, these will hook yo ass up fo shiz. Holla!


Download the Tasty Vector TexturesSize: 13MB (Zipped)




Vector Studies: it’s been a pastime of mine for a while now, just delving in and messing around with color, gradients, and blending modes in Illustrator. I’ve taken 13 of these manipulations and put them up for download.


Download the Tasty Vector StudiesSize: 15MB (Zipped)




Vector drips: these 25 custom Illustrator files contain all kinds of drips, spray paint, and inky situations. There’s a pretty wide range of stuff here and they’re awesome for all kinds of shit.


Download the Tasty Vector Drips

Size: 9MB (Zipped)






Full Archetype Grid Alphabet With Tutorial: Yo, straight up, this is some serious goodness. I’ve created a sick vector wireframe grid alphabet based on Bauer Bodoni, using some dope grid brushes. I’ve even included a tutorial file so you can make this shit yourself. The alphabet is 82 letters, numbers, and some symbols. There’s a ton of stuff in this download, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’ve been noticing a lot of new print and motion graphics pieces that uses elements like these so if you use these, you’ll impress your friends and instill in your enemies an uncontrollable sense of dread that alcohol will be unable to diminish.


Download Full Archetype Grid Alphabet With TutorialSize: 6MB (Zipped)


•Source: Design Bum


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