Vector art and the talented artists who create it

Hell on wheels – TRAP SKATEBOARDS

Hamburg, Germany –

Whether you skate or you just like to shake your fist in anger at the young punks who dominate the mall parking lot – you cannot help but admire the designs of these marvelous boards. These should be hung on a wall somewhere with pride. Available in 5 delightful flavors. Behold the TRAP Pro board series:


The design masterminds behind this collection is a group called Visualism Studio. Here’s a few words from them:

We are four Creative Designers all with unique styles and approaches to design. As a group we compliment each other through type treatments, illustration, graphics and art direction. Working mainly in the fashion and skate scene we design clothing collections and Skateboard hardware. Our skateboard designs are unique to Visualism and mix all our artists styles together. Although we hail from different parts of the world we all have the same fundamental values when it comes to our art and design work.”


Here is some background on TRAP Skateboards, true legends in skateboard apparel and gear.

“Trap Skateboards was founded in 1992. Right from the start the idea behind Trap was to escape from the trap of our society that gradually destroys our hearts. As the years passed by some of the best skaters found themselves together to be what is now known as the Trap Skateboard Clan, a group of strong individuals who have their very unique approach to skateboarding and life in general. Some of the riders have been with Trap for close to 10 years and it makes us proud of having been the home for them for such a long time.”


*source: Visualism Studio

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  • Adam

    Tremendous. I really dig the “jimmy Hendrix” typesetting.

  • vector-ious

    Great boards!
    I like the classic rock look.
    It’s like Woodstock on the slopes.

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