Vector art and the talented artists who create it

Brazil’s pride and joy – Cris Vector

Sao Paulo, Brazil

One of the artists that we are in awe of is Christano Siqueria (AKA Cris Vector or to his friends Cris). His background is in traditional drawing. As he crossed over into the world of Graphic design, Cris obtained a flare for more commercial applications of his talent. He has an impressive portfolio that features some powerful brands.

We were captivated by the tenderness of his style. He has a way of inserting life into the eyes of his portraits. take a moment to explore some of the images from his 2008 calendar (which happens to be a steal at only ($19.99).





Please find the time to visit Cris’ website and learn more about this talented artist.
He also has some incredible work for sale. Support the art. Support the man.

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  • vector fox

    This guy really has some talent. Inspiring.

  • pretty tight for me to do man but the sky is the limit im will get u

  • Love the gradient mesh technique. He really has it going on here.

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