Vector art and the talented artists who create it

VECTOR WAITRESS – Molson Canadian

Toronto, Ontario

Here is an illustration done for a patio sandwich board for Molson Canadian. It was created at the legendary Encore Encore Strategic Marketing (RIP).

Patio season is a very special time for Canadians, and this piece of creative needed to be eye catching and fun. It makes me want to sit down on a hot cartoon day with an ice cold cartoon beer. Mission accomplished Molson.

(I wonder how a colorful illustration that would naturally appeal to children could possibly make it through a brewery legal department. I guess we’ll never know)


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  • vector-ious

    I could go for an ice-cold vector beer right about now.
    Fun illustration.

  • foghorn

    I like to collect leaves…hmmmm. Oh, and a beer would go great right now!

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