Vector art and the talented artists who create it

Luke Feldman – “Jack of all trades”

Melbourne, Australia

Luke Feldman is an internationally recognized illustrator / animator with a diverse range of work. But to actually put him in the category of “illustrator” is probably not accurate. Luke produces music, toys, flash animations and art as well. Each expression seems to have his brand of “smooth” that is very distinct.


His work has been showcased in Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, South america, the US and the UK. Each time, his work is received with excitement. His style has truly struck a cord with an international audience. Perhaps it is his delicious use of color or his wild, sweeping shapes and lines. Whatever it is – it works.
Here is a wonderful example of one of his illustrations transformed into a vinyl model. Just great.


In addition, Luke also has some amazing merchandise for sale: prints, skateboards and other well crafted items. Take a moment to visit his site and learn more about this truly talented individual.

SKAFFS on Twitter.


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  • vector fox

    I would love to have that model on my coffee table. That’s pretty awesome!
    Go Aussies!

  • joujouart

    I connected with Luke on Myspace and he is awesome! I love his work!

  • vector fox

    I would love to find out how to buy his sculptures. They are so great.

  • This sculpture is so awesome. I wonder if Luke designed it himself or if another artist molded it based upon his illustration. Either way, I am quite impressed, 2d to 3d is no small task.

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