Vector art and the talented artists who create it


Here is an amazing set of 90 free vector icons, all in one EPS file. Enjoy.

This set is ideal for creating web 2.0 icons, buttons and everything that your imagination can handle.


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  • vector fox

    These are dope.
    I can already see uses for these outside of web 2.0.
    The detail is great. Big thanks.

  • vector-ious

    I just used 2 of these on a web project. Thanks Vectorvault. You just saved me a couple hours of drawing. Now I can have a nap.

  • weaka

    The detail is great. Big thanks.

  • bangray

    thx a lot

  • got cool stuff man.Thanks.was nderin if the car vectors are downloadable.Lemme know aaiit.

  • riggs95

    awesome thanks

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