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CLICK POP MEDIA – Design Contest

Our friends at Click Pop Media are having a contest. But not just any contest. A contest to test your “raw awsomeness” (as they phrased it). The prize is a custom set of dice and the claim to fame that you “beat the rest”. Take a moment to visit them to learn more here.


You can only use ClickPopMedia vectors and elements you personally create. In most cases, we really have no way to check this; so we’re on the honor system people.The composition can be either still or animated.Send us stills as png’s or jpg’s.Send us animations as either swf’s, or mov’s.The composition can be any size and shape. Use common sense with this rule. If you send us a 1px by 1px image, we probably won’t look at it. Likewise, if you send us a 100 ft by 100ft submission, it’s safe to say it won’t be considered.Send your submissions to with your contact details.HAVE FUN.We will be judging on hipness, coolness, mad skill level, and general breathtakingness.
The Prize:
The winner of this contest will receive a shiny pair of our custom ClickPopMedia dice. These little beauties come in a beautiful transparent case complete with moocard. The winner can choose either a blue dice/black dice or a pink dice/black dice combination.”
We already know you’ve got the skillz. The question is: “Do you got the plums?”- Prove it!

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