Vector art and the talented artists who create it

Masha Gubar (AKA Limkis)

shutterstock-buy-vectors-search-photosRussia Limkis is female graphic designer with an incredible illustrator technique. Her vector creations use several transparency layers to create a “painted” look. Her creations are imaginative and fantastic. Here are a few of our favs, but you can also see additional works in a slideshow available in a link at the bottom of this post.


View the slideshow here.*Source: Okizoo


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  • vector fox

    From Russia with love!

  • Looks like it’s painted.

  • stunningly beautiful

  • This one still grabs my heart and energizes it. I really dig this artist’s style. This is the way Adobe Illustrator was intended to be used.

  • Marc

    awesome work, I love the colors!

  • That water colour style is so well done. I just love it. It makes me want to crack out my Adobe Illustrator and start playing around. I envy artists like this.

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