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MASAFUMI – Student of vector art

Oregon, USA

25 year old Masafumi is a student at The University of Oregon. His major is Digital Arts. He is a very dedicated designer and web developer who also enjoys illustrating with vector art. These are two pieces submitted by one of his fans. From what we see, he has a bright future.


Become a friend of Masafumi here.


Here is a vector illustration by Cherry Web.

Take a moment to look at their online portfolio. There is also some design work that is worth looking at.

This image is very pleasant and well thought out.


Vector Motorcycle Art by Chris Nielsen

Chris Nielsen has a passion for two things: red hot American motorcycles and vector art. The combination of the two has caught the eyes of a few ANCHORPOINT members who demanded that we put the spotlight on his work. Your wish is our command. Here are a few words from the artist:


“My name is Chris Nielsen. I am a part-time computer graphics instructor in southern California. My specialty is using the digital medium of the computer to create visual art. My personal emphasis is in the subject of digital drawings of Motorcycle portraits. I have an MFA Degree in the area of illustration, with an emphasis on computer art. I received my Master of Fine Arts Degree from Cal State Fullerton.

With my NEW Motorcycle Illustrations, I work STRICTLY in Adobe Illustrator. My work is completely made up of flat-colored shapes… lots and lots of them! I DO NOT work with any types of Filters or Special Effects. I like the process of developing a realistic look in my illustrations with totally flat colors and abstract shapes.I define the Visual Style of my Motorcycle work as “Stylized Realism”.As for my images… well, I usually go with what appeals to me visually. In other words, I draw what I like to look at. I will be honest. I don’t know the first thing about how a motorcycle works. I have never even sat on a motorcycle. But, I do know that there is nothing (in my opinion) more exciting for me, as an artist, than to see all those wonderful little details in the construction of these amazing machines!I hold the designers and craftsmen who build these bikes in the highest regard for the obvious talents they show off. The artistic design, craftsmanship and flawless construction of the bikes I create my portraits from is an art form in itself that I admire and pay tribute to in my own work.I choose to work on portraits of motorcycles that you and I do not have the privilege of viewing on a daily basis. I do not focus on the whole motorcycle either. I prefer to crop in on those amazing and complicated, little parts and focus on those relationships. Those are the portraits I like to draw… simply because it’s a challenge to me… and they’re fun to look at and talk about.” -Chris Nielsen


View an animated assembly of the image above. Visit Chris’ store to see more amazing works. Purchase one of these masterpieces and keep the work rolling.



Echo Chernik specializes in advertising, magazine, bookcover, package design and digital illustration. The style is sensual, realistic, and decorative, whether vector or raster. With over a decade of experience as a commercial artist, Echo’s work is always punctual and professional, constantly in great demand among the highest caliber clients around the globe.

Here is a homage to Alphonse Mucha‘s Bernhardt posters.?

Client: Connecticut Opera 2007-8 Season ?
Agency: Wondriska Russo

Click on the posters below to learn more about great products associated with these posters.

Echo Chernik opera poster

The tragic Tosca is one of the most infamous, if unwilling, Femme Fatales ever.

Echo Chernik opera poster vectorvault drama

Seralagio’s light comedy revolves around the amusing plight of the maiden Konstanza, kidnapped and held to be the consort of the mighty Turkish Pasha.

Echo Chernik opera poster vector art illustrator vectorvault

La Cenerentola is a light romantic opera retelling the tale of Cinderella in Italian. But you’ll find no fairies or talking mice – just pure love.

*Source: Echo-X

ED HALL – Vector poster

One of the things that we love about the ANCHORPOINT community is that it’s members have really done a great job shaping the content.

Johnathan Ober (one of your very own VECTORVAULT operatives) sent us a link to the portfolio of Ed Hall. Johnathan is a friend and a fan of his, and felt pretty strongly about us taking a look at Ed’s work. We’re glad we did, take a look for yourself.

“In a nutshell I’m a senior designer currently in Philadelphia, PA working for a exhibit and environment design company called Sparks. I’ve worked as a graphic designer for the past five years. I specialize in four major design areas: graphic design, illustration, photography, and web. I’m also music, movie and beer snob.  Some might call it picky others critical. But I say I know good things and I enjoy them. ” – Ed Hall.

This piece especially stood out for us. It’s a poster Ed made entitled: Set Free. Here is what the artist had to say about it:

“This is probably my most popular poster to date. This was a personal piece and seems as if others have also seen the meaning of it as well. This poster is available to be purchased through my shop.”


You can purchase it here for only $15. Here are a few more of his posters for sale. Johnathan Ober is also a talented designer in his own right. Learn more about him here. Thanks for the Tip Johnathan.

Remember, if there is a vector artist out there that you think we should know about – speak up.

YARDYSEVEN – Female vector portrait

This is an untitled piece done by an artist named Yardyseven. Although he considers himself a hobbyist and not necessarily an expert, we tend to see much more potential. This illustration was “inspired by life and music” and has some real terrific qualities.


Paulo Arraiano – More vector freestyle

Portugal – Paulo is one of those artists that we really dig. We wrote another post about some of his vector graffiti style and felt that we had to come back and show some more. Here is an untitled work that we thought was pretty great. Enjoy.


Take a look at more of Paulo’s work.  

VECTORVAULT GALAXY – The ultimate vector collection

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