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Vectorjunkie, is one of our favorite ANCHORPOINT contributers. This brand lives, sleeps, eats and breathes vector art. Their support of the art and the artists that create it has been an inspiration to many of our members. Here is their premier edition of BABYBOSS, a new magazine that you will find is right up your alley. Don’t hesitate. Support this venture by purchasing your own copy. Then place it in plastic and bury it in the back yard. 30 years from now you can march into a vintage magazine shop and slap it on the counter and say; “Behold, I bring you the first edition of BABY BOSS!”. It’s more than a magazine. It’s an investment.



Babyboss is a magazine featuring cutting edge trend in illustration, experimental design,
urban art and radical creativity for young and dynamic today generation.
Babyboss is published by PT. Concept Media, the most creative Indonesian publishing company.
Expect to see eye poping visual and jaw dropping finishes, lets grab this magazine.
Featuring artworks from: ThinkDust, Bastardgraphics, Pinkgirlgowild, Skaffs, Kakofonia,

80 Percent, Yucca Studio and Theyhatemydesign.

Price USD 7 (Excluding Shipping & Handling) Payment through PAYPAL.

Please inquire HERE for ordering this magazine.
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  • If the content is anything like the cover – I’m in!
    This looks like a great looking piece.
    Thanks for finding this.

  • danez

    its great

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