Vector art and the talented artists who create it

Goldi Gold

Atlanta, GA

Goldi Gold is an artist that caught our attention over a year ago. His sharp, distinct style is rooted in the music that he loves: Hip Hop. There is no doubt that Atlanta has been the launch pad for many Rap juggernauts, and by the looks of it it also serves as a home base for exciting visual artists as well.
Goldi is actively marketing his work online and has built a reputation as an illustrator on the hustle.


Goldi’s style is simple to digest, and easy to connect with. His portraits are based on music heavy weights and strong personalities. He doesn’t just like Hip Hop. He lives it. It is the fuel for much of his subject matter. We admire his passion.

goldi gold vector illustrator interview

“I go by the name GOLDI GOLD, born in raised in many areas in New Jersey, made powermoves to Atlanta during the seconding coming of hip hop in 94. During the day I do blue collar work to sustain my addiction of art. But at night i morph to a beast that murk heads with dirty digital graphics composed with ill color combos, graff inspired backgrounds and flipped subjects matters which are cloaked and projected to give people hip hop in another form. I incoprate all this in my part-time freelance illustrator/full time part owner clothing line(jungle45)/parttime artshow promoting steez. My motto”I want to put the ghost in the shell of computer graphic. I was doing vector art without even knowing it. I know I had the program streamline so I use to draw my images with think lines and streamline it, which trace over the lines automatically. but 1 day the streamline stop working so I had to use the pen tool. Oh! I dreaded useing the pen tool at first but it became second nature with practice and the more details I put in my pencil work the iller it would come after I was done computer illustrating it. It came to the point people question my pencil work because they thought I traced the photo. Then Blam!!!!! The pencil work than a greater appreciate often occur. clients I’ve do most of the underground mixcd in Atlanta. Work comes and goes. If I had the list of people that actually came through with the ends for artwork my resume would be a beast!!!!”

Goldi Gold

Look out for this cat. He’s heading for something big. Respect.

Learn more about Goldi’s work here.

He is available for freelance projects and welcomes feedback.

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  • The colors are crisp and the artwork is terrific! This guy has cornered the market on this style of illustration. I like it very much.

  • vector-ious

    24k awesomeness!

  • appreciate the luv!!! This looks real good didn’t expect the ill layout. But this only makes me strive to be better at what i do for real. I don’t even have a choice to be better I got to be better!!!! I just know i got this site fr major inspiration

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