Vector art and the talented artists who create it


If you’re a fan of vector art, then you are well aware of vecteezy and the work they do to champion the art form. We like their style.
As a token of our dedication to the work they do, we have submitted an exclusive vector illustration inspired by the spirit of those who are on the hustle. The piece is entitled “
Detonator” and it is free to download at
While you’re there make sure you subscribe to their site. Take a look around. I think you will agree: this is a valuable resource for anyone who works in vector art. Enjoy.

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  • vector-ious

    The detail on this one is great. It’s nice to see a free vector file that has some character. Most of the free stuff I use is pretty expected. Let’s see if we can find more like this. That would be great. Really like it.

  • otapir

    alooooo… best…

  • Really digging this one. Excellent details.

  • Love it!

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