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Erin Esurance – Licensed to thrill


Esurance was founded in 1998 under the name of SiliconSierra Holdings Inc. Esurance launched its Web site and started writing personal auto insurance in December 1999. As of March 31, 2006, it has become one of the fastest growing auto insurance companies in America, based on year-over-year premium growth. In 2000 Esurance was acquired by Folksamerica Holding Company, Inc. (a subsidiary of White Mountains Insurance Group). Esurance is now a direct subsidiary of White Mountains.

Esurance commercials are animated, and feature a female spy named Erin Esurance (voiced by Mo Mellady), also widely known as the Esurance Girl (though usually referred to as Special Agent), along with a “Mysterious Stranger” named Erik. Clues on Erin’s blog suggest that he is her handler. Many of the commercials follow a movie theme (western, classic spy, etc.), and several recent commercials have used sports themes. The commercials are animated by W!LDBRAIN and the Ghostbot animation firms using Adobe Flash.

*(source Wikipedia)

Esurance has committed to a style and stuck with it. The result is a captivating character that has helped build a brand and establish a unique presence in the world of insurance. Here are a few of our favorites.


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