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HOT RODS BY STITH – High octane vector art

There’s nothing quite like a classic American Hot Rod, and this group of talented illustrators bleed motor oil when it comes to bringing these machines to life. We were blown away by the clean lines and crisp colors that make up this great body of work. These machines always look good. I guess good design stands the test of time.

If you’ve been around the hot rodding industry you know who we are. We’re a bunch of guys with a passion for cars. We’re not your typical business, we’re a family owned business that been around since 1978. We’re hot rod enthusiasts that thrive in creating designs that let you reminisce about the good old days, about the cars that we couldn’t afford, about an era when backyard mechanics discovered how much fun it was to customize a Model T Ford. We’re about creating designs where car bodies are “chopped”, “lowered”, “sloped”, and “raked”.

Take a moment to look around their site. They offer great apparel and a few extras for any auto lover. Support the artists and keep this style “rolling”.

hotrod stith vector illustration vectorvault

*Source: hotrodsbystith
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    I love stuff like this.
    I also checked out the site. There are some terrific tee shirts there as well.
    This style never seems to go out.
    Thanks for finding these guys!
    Great work.

  • Great stuff! Truly a classic, my favorite design is “Bowling Lanes”. These artists have done a great job using colors and bringing the classics back to life.

    Excellent work guys!

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