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Get out your cassettes and blow the dust off of your break dancing shoes boys and girls. Here is a collection of vintage “boom boxes” for your pleasure.

A Boombox – also known as ghetto blaster (since 1983), Jambox, Wogga box or (in parts of Europe) radio-cassette – is a name given to portable stereo systems capable of playing radio stations and recorded music (usually cassettes and/or, since the early 1990’s, CDs), at relatively high volume. As befits its portability, Boomboxes can be powered by batteries as well as by line current. – Wikipedia

boombox ghetto blaster radio vector file free vector download

Download* EPS 7,8MB | SVG 1MB

Say thanks to your friends at snap2objects for providing them.

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  • point-n-click

    Hip Hop – Don’t Stop!
    These are great!

  • danceKing

    yall rock. thanks from texas!

  • oze17

    nice pict

  • MissCyanide_18

    Cool! these rock!

  • DonTom


  • point-n-click

    I remember the days when cassettes were the only way to listen to music.
    Long before the days of Cd.
    I had this huge box of tapes that my wife forced me to throw out.
    Now I have an iPod with 10,000 songs.

    Big whup.

    I would trade it in for that box of tapes any day.
    There was just something about that format that I miss.

    Great download here.
    It really brought me back.

  • mightyjunebugg

    im trying to download this and it keeps telling me “dont go there buddy”. Why is that?

  • point-n-click
  • point-n-click
  • theghettohippy

    I cant get the boombox download page

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