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Echo Chernik specializes in advertising, magazine, bookcover, package design and digital illustration. The style is sensual, realistic, and decorative, whether vector or raster. With over a decade of experience as a commercial artist, Echo’s work is always punctual and professional, constantly in great demand among the highest caliber clients around the globe.

Here is a homage to Alphonse Mucha‘s Bernhardt posters.?

Client: Connecticut Opera 2007-8 Season ?
Agency: Wondriska Russo

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Echo Chernik opera poster

The tragic Tosca is one of the most infamous, if unwilling, Femme Fatales ever.

Echo Chernik opera poster vectorvault drama

Seralagio’s light comedy revolves around the amusing plight of the maiden Konstanza, kidnapped and held to be the consort of the mighty Turkish Pasha.

Echo Chernik opera poster vector art illustrator vectorvault

La Cenerentola is a light romantic opera retelling the tale of Cinderella in Italian. But you’ll find no fairies or talking mice – just pure love.

*Source: Echo-X

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  • vector-ious

    Beautiful. Very well done.

  • vq

    Wow, those are beautiful. I can’t believe that is possible.

  • foghorn

    Very elegant. An excellent job.

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