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Vector artist Ben Kwok relaunches site


One of Vectorvault‘s first champions is none other that Ben Kwok. His magnetic style captivated our vector community right from the beginning. In turn he has also done his part to attract attention to our efforts (read more).

Bio: Ben Yin-Pan Kwok (BYK) aka BioWorkZ is a traditionally trained illustrator with a BFA Degree in Illustration from California State University Long Beach. Ben was born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved to California at the age of 4 and has lived in Los Angeles ever since. Working as a graphic artist in the fashion industry for several years has allowed Ben to develop his comfort with vector programs. His work is a fusion of Art Nouveau, graphic design, fashion, graffiti, and personal touches. Most would say his work can be categorized as Modern Art Nouveau. A perfect description since his work is hugely inspired by the works of Alphonse Mucha. He is constantly experimenting with different methods to further develop his own artistic voice. Captivated by the image of the female subject, he can only strive to capture a glimpse of this ever expanding beauty. Art has always been the foundation of Ben’s being. It’s what makes sense to him and gives him purpose. Once timid about exposing his personal art to be viewed, he is now ready to share with the world what he finds beautiful. What is art without an audience?


Recently, Ben revamped his site We had a chance to take a look around at some of his new work and wanted to re-introduce you to him. Pay him a visit and see more for yourself. Here are a few of our favorites along with some descriptions from the artist:

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An image of a woman desperately waiting for her love one who never shows up. She’s been waiting so long that she became grounded and will never connect with her soul mate. Sometimes we never fulfill on our heart’s desire.

ben kwok vector illustrator vectorvault free vector files free vector free vector images


I really just wanted to draw a figure with ram horns. Since I remember stories?of a Succubus that has horns…hence the title of this piece. I deviated from?my normal way of laying down color and it turned out to create more depth?that I’m happy with. So I now color my vector pieces with several layers of color.

Ride With Me

A skate board design created for the Sublimation Gallery in ?Los Angeles. It was originally an art show that was located in ?Vegas during the Magic Show. Now this current show is ?traveling nationally.

Source: Bioworkz

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