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Umea, Sweden

Most of us still subscribe to magazines. Every month we sit patiently by the mailbox waiting for our copy of our favorite periodical to arrive and enlighten us. Now that same concept has been applied to t-shirts.
Every 6 weeks (for about 26 Euros) you will receive a shirt based on a current news item that you may have missed. It’s a clever way to get the word out about important issues, but also a great conversation piece. Especially in those awkward moments when you’re getting undressed with someone else in the room. Now you can shift the attention away from your third nipple and put the spotlight on “a new species of fish discovered in Columbia”.

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Special thanks to our Vectorvault cub reporter Megan Craig for hunting down this gem for us. Thanks Meg. Gold star.

*Source: T-Post

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  • What a great way to deliver the news. Especially in a time where media seems to be so overwhelming. Great concept.

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