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June 2008


Formal Transmission from VECTORVAULT™ headquarters.?

Status: Tremendous?

Forecast: Increased membership, quality resources, community development.

A warm hello from your friends here in Toronto, Canada. We are glad to have you aboard and feel grateful for your support of this unique project. Thanks. We have had an incredible 3 months since we re-launched in March of 2008. Every month has been better than the last. As a group we have accomplished some incredible things. We just wanted to mention a few of them.

Membership has swelled to over 4000. The expertise, craftsmanship and talent has shattered even our most lofty of expectations. You are the foundation.

Our steady traffic has been partially based on our daily free vector downloads, but our page view count indicates that a great number of you spend time here with us. It is an enormous compliment that we gladly accept with a smile.

The content has also kept pace with this highly specialized collective. We have received support from many high profile artists and designers. Our posts are becoming more engaging with a steady network of valuable resources who have also seen a sharp spike in their traffic as a result of you.


If you’re just here for the free downloads – bon appetite. If you are genuinely interested in assisting me with something challenging, then please read on.



Two years ago, I left a steady job as an Associate Creative Director with one of Toronto’s finest promotional marketing companies, The Hive. After over 5 and a half years working on great brands like Miller Genuine Draft, I tendered my resignation and set my sights on new challenges.

Two years later, after much design, development and passion I produced 2 vehicles. The first is an exciting marketing mechanic I designed called The Helping Handle.

The second was VECTORVAULT. It was my way of making up for years of advertising pollution, by getting back to good ‘ol fashioned design and illustration. This site’s purpose is simple: To put the spotlight on those who need to shine.

We are currently developing community functions that will finally allow this amazing group to finally share images, ideas, and compliments. We want you to nest your portfolios here with us. We want to you to connect with people who will change your life. As VECTORVAULT continues to grow into the “ultimate vector art community” we want employers, press and fans of your work to be able to find you. Tell us what you want. Give us a chance to over-deliver.

Protecting your work is also a top priority. As I’m sure you are aware, each image we post contains a legal warning as well as your website and contact information. Think of it as millions of personal business cards making their way into the hands of potential employers. If you wish to have us remove your work we will do so immediately. If you find a mistake, let us know and we will address it swiftly. In short: Our intentions are good.

The ANCHORPOINT community has grown around the specialized vector art collections we offer. This series is the lifeblood of VECTORVAULT. Every dime from your purchases go right back into the community, so keep building those collections knowing that you’re really helping out. Thanks.

You will also be happy to know that we are also working on a new store to house these collections along with other exciting extras. In addition, we will be launching several new collections this year, along with specialized sets of art harvested from our massive database. We want to make it easy and affordable for you to get what you want, when you want it.

Attach your voice to the posts you like. But don’t just feel compelled to write something mind blowing like “cool picture” – Tell us how the work effects you. Ask questions regarding the technique. Let others know why you like it so that they understand more about you.

I am also aware that much of our international membership may not speak English as a first language. If you are bilingual and would like to volunteer translating articles of interest, we will gladly post it for your countrymen. You will be single handedly bringing the art to life for thousands of people.

There are a few more tricks up our sleeve, but I’m going to hold back until I get a reaction from you. I want to hear what you think. Click your cursor in that little comment box then just start typing.




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  • Hey man,

    Great site. It’s a good resource! I’m from Toronto too, working as a designer.


  • I just checked out Mark’s website. He has a diverse range of interests and some real talent. I highly recommend it.

    I could not help noticing that your links section has also undergone some changes. I think that you need to start populating it with more site’s like Mark’s until it’s a robust resource. That will certainly create some traffic. It’s a good start. Stick with it.

    As for translating posts: I think that’s a great idea. I found a site that has a Vectorvault review translated into 10 languages. Maybe community members can also check and see if the translations are accurate:

    I’m looking forward to the community features. Keep us posted.

    Great site. Regular visitor. Here to help.

  • vector-ious

    I think the best way to help out a website that you like is to click on the Share button at the bottom of each post. Some people who may not know about social bookmarking should start out with a Digg or account. Basically you approve the stuff you like and end up attratcting other content and people who are in line with your interests. At the same time, you’re endorsing the site.

    I would like to see a little more participation from registered members to socially bookmark their favorite posts.

    Like the layout and the free downloads of course.

    Perhaps if your store had a way to sell products created by members, you could really make some connections. Anyone else have a thought about that?…

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