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The ultimate free logo resource – BRANDS OF THE WORLD

Brands of the World is the most comprehensive resource and one of the most visited web sites where visitors can browse and access copies of the world’s famous brands and logos. Through our site, visitors will be able to access and obtain Vector format versions of thousands of brands and logos for use in the mock-ups and presentations pending the permission of the copyright owner(s). Best Brands of the World is also a great resource center for designers to upload their own logo design works and professional details to showcase their work and latest design styles.

Here at Vectorvault, we have referred to Brands of the World as a source for inspiration and in times of need have also used it as a resource to obtain logos for design jobs. Be sure to read the legal on this site carefully. The last thing you want is to upset the design gods – or worse: a lawyer. Use your powers for good and take a look at this great site.

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