Vector art and the talented artists who create it

Vector hot rods and “foxy broads”

38 year old Crying Bear has a passion for plus size ladies and American muscle cars. Both are detailed and appealing to the eye. Crying Bear has kept his lines clean and his colors bold. Here are a few description in the artist’s own words:

crying bear, hot rods, pin up vector vectorvault

I finally got around to finishing this piece. I started working on this as a lunch time project but I decided to take it home and finish it off. This is a start of a new series of pictures that I will be illustrating of Hot Rods and Girls. This was done in Coral Draw 10, hope you like it. Not sure what year the car is, maybe you could tell me. Found it in a magazine.

crying bear, hot rods, pin up vector vectorvault

Yet another lunch time project. I get a half an hour lunch and I spend my lunch doing this piece for four months. This piece was quite a challenge to do for a rat-rod car is a rusted out hot-rod. Therefore every piece of this car has some form of rust on it. This turned out to be problem for the computer to handle. I managed to get it to work with some difficulty. As usual I added about 50 pounds to the girl in the front and developed a new style of doing hair as vector, which has a pretty nice effect, if I do say so myself.

To see more of Crying Bear’s incredible style, visit his online portfolio.

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