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Roberto Mattiucci – Vector poster designs from Italy

Rome, Italy

Roberto Mattiucci (aka the_scientist) has been an active Anchorpoint member since March 2008. This 32 year old is an accomplished graphic designer and digital illustrator with a special knack for poster design and a flare for vector art. It is obvious that he a has a passion for great music and emerging bands. Most of his work is aligned with artists who seem to push boundaries off of the mainstream charts.

robert mattiucci italian poster design


Italy has no shortage of mind blowing talent. Roberto is in good company with Anchorpoint members DolceQ, Alberto Seveso and Giulia Ballador. There seems to be a genuine appreciation for classic design with a sense of simplicity. This Italian community seems to feed off of each other’s talent.

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Take a moment to visit Roberto’s site. He has many more examples that we are certain you will find inspiring. We’re honored to have his support of Vectorvault and hope that we can bring you more of his portfolio as it develops.



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  • Thanks for this article, I really appreciated it.
    Keep up the good work Vectorvault!

  • Roberto, I just looked through your portfolio. Very impressive. Please keep us updated on new work. I love your style. I’m sending this to my friend in Japan. He loves vintage style poster art.

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