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LUMUMBA SANDERS – Hip hop vector illustrations

Philadelphia, PA, USA – 

Lumumba Sanders is a freelance illustrator from Philly with a love for hip hop. He has been an active Anchorpoint member since March of 2008. Since then, his work has been discovered by other vector artists within this community. Many of them have bookmarked his site in hopes that we would draw some attention to his work.

His work seems ideal for editorial assignments and music branding. Perhaps he’ll connect with a few rising hip hops stars and get some real attention. We were also reminded of artists like Goldi Gold (another Anchorpoint alumni).

rainmangraphic lumumba sanders hip hop vector illustration vectorvault vector free vector

 We selected a few of his portraits of Talib Kweil, The Notorious B.I.G. and The Roots. However, his talents also apply to other genres. Check him out.


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  • This guy is deadly.
    Love his style.
    Gritty and colorful.
    Vibrant work.
    well done.

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