Vector art and the talented artists who create it

Ana Kawaiii – Vector subway maps in the form of animals

Portugal – 

Ana is an art student with a genuine passion for vector art. These two selections are paticularly special because they are so simple and unique. These two were sent to us by one of our readers who liked this approach very much. Subways could use some more life. well done.

ana kawaiii vector subway illustrations portugal free vector vectorvault

“I didnt really enjoy doing vectors until now cause i didnt understand how to make them, and nobody teached me how to use Ilustrator…

Then i started seeing tuturials and trying to do things my way, and little by little i was doing things a mouth ago i didnt imagine me capable off…

Vectors are sinnounous of hard work but i really love the clean look in the end.”


 We are proud to say that Any Kawaii (aka Ana Sofia) has been with Anchorpoint since March of 2008. We plan on watching her portfolio grow as she takes on new and exciting projects. Keep up the great work Ana.

Diviant Art Portfolio




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