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Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA – 

Tony Headrick is probably best known for his design company Neno Design. His company’s vector sample files are very popular and the quality is excellent. Many of our members have been very inspired by these creations, which has forced us to take a closer look at some of the more impressive designs being generated by this innovative company.

Tony started Neno Design when he was still in college in 2002. Six years later his company is still going strong.

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This free download is a very generous gesture on behalf of Tony. One that we admire. He’s crafted a few hair balls (you heard me). Take a moment to visit Tony and learn more about what he does. Give thanks to this fellow Anchorpoint member.


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  • Wow! Thanks for the article! VectorVault and their community have influenced my design and really help me in my journey to design for life!



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