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Cut and paste – Digital design tournament – video

Cut and Paste is an international design competition that puts graphic designers and illustrators in gladiator-like atmosphere. Each creative mind must out-think the other in hopes of being crowned the winner. It’s high energy excitement set against a slow moving puzzle. Like chess with dance music:

cut and paste digital design tournament free vector art vectorvault

We recognize that in a competitive marketplace, talent unseen or undeveloped is talent wasted. Such talent need not go to waste. Cut&Paste’s mission is to provide channels of visibility and inspiration for designers, both aspiring and established, to reach their existing audience as well as potential fans. Our targeted goals are to promote the designer’s ability to achieve exposure as an individual; to expand the designer’s range of possibility in attracting professional opportunities; to form and encourage positive interaction within the design community; and to broaden the mainstream perception of design and further its appreciation by sharing and demystifying the creative process.

A world full of inspired people is a better world. Designers discover inspiration in unexpected places, but express it in ways that color and shape the objects and experiences of our everyday lives. How do they do it? At Cut&Paste, we’re dedicated to exploring the creative process—pushing, prodding, putting it under the spotlight—and we’re endlessly optimistic about the influence that sharing design can have on the world.

There are three distinct missions at Cut and Paste:

1. Anonymous designers are too many. We’re here to inflate them and float them like giant zeppelins in a roofless forum for expression, city by city and cross-continents, to raise the artist’s profile.

2. It’s time to draw out artists, audiences, clients, recruiters, and consumers of good design.Whether you come to network or shamelessly self-promote, we’ll put down the welcome mat for you to make some introductions.

3. Showcasing designers at work dispels stork myths about how design is made. We come together to learn the birds and bees of design and to marvel at the creative process.

Cut&Paste is a global movement of artists, firms, and media that come together to strengthen creative networks through events and local support.

To learn more about this event and perhaps even how you can get involved, please read more.

Source: Coolhunting

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  • Does this competition only hit the US?
    I wonder if it tours any other country.
    Perhaps Vectorvault could get involved.

    Great video!

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