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EK Graphics – Vector flyers and visual identities

UK – 

EK Graphics is yet another member of the Anchorpoint collective. They specialize in flyers, corporate identities, illustrations and photography. It seems as though they also enjoy blending all of them together into one distinct style.

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  • I like this guy’s style.
    He has done a good job of blending photos and vectors together.

    I’m going to keep his site on file in case I need freelance help.


  • Hi thanks point-n-click!

    But I am girl (if I can still call myself that at the aged of 26)

    It would be great to work with you when you need a freelancer!

    Do you have a website?

  • I am so sorry.
    I hope that I did not offend you.

    Your work is amazing!

  • No you didn’t thats ok!

    Thank you!

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