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The “Jenesis” of Pittsburgh – magazine profile

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania –

 JENESIS Magazine is the premiere magazine for Pittsburgh’s urban crowd with a desire to read about fashion, music, sports, politics, as well as a wide variety of other subjects sure to capture attention as well as inform. They are also loyal Anchorpoint members since April 2008.

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JENESIS Magazine provides readers with the City’s current news, scene reports from various clubs, restaurants and other local happenings. With hard work, skill and determination, we plan to become not only the city’s leading magazine, but the voice of urban Pittsburgh as well. JENESIS is targeted towards 18-34 year old men and women. Our vision is for this publication to appeal to people of both sexes, from diverse backgrounds and a multitude of races. Everyone from Professionals, to hip-hoppers, to punk rockers and so on. JENESIS Magazine not only has readership spread outside of Pittsburgh but internationally to such places like Australia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, China, and Brazil just to name a few. With each continuing issue, JENESIS will continue to bring interesting information that the readers can relate to and learn from.

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We’ve learned a few new things about this part of the US. It’s obvious that the entertainment, fashion and design sectors are all exploding. Who knew that Pennsylvania was so fresh? Get to know Jenesis.

Pittsburgh – respect.

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