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Back in April, we told you about a new vector magazine called BABYBOSS. Much like ourselves, they scour the globe for the most impressive examples of vector art. I guess you can see why we are such enormous fans of their work.

Issue 1 was a smashing success. Now Anchorpoint member Vectorjunkie launches a second edition with some incredible visuals and inspiring artists. We encourage you to support this unique periodical.

Normally we would say “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” but in this case I think it’s safe to say that the cover says it all:

babayboss vectorjunkie issue 2 free vector downloads vectorvault vectors

BABYBOSS Magazine #2
Babyboss is a magazine featuring cutting edge trend in illustration, experimental design, 
urban art and radical creativity for young and dynamic today generation. 
Babyboss is published by 
PT. Concept Media, the most creative Indonesian publishing company.
Expect to see eye poping visual and jaw dropping finishes, lets grab this magazine.
Featuring artworks from: 
Toki Doki , Creative Bush, Extraverage, Hellofreaks, Momorobo, Pixelspectrum, Tha Plash and PYKY. 
Price USD 7 
(Excluding Shipping & Handling) Payment through PAYPAL.
Please inquire HERE for ordering this magazine.

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