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FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Transportation silhouettes

Once again, D.A.T. (Digital Artist Toolbox) has provided some free samples. This offering features silhouettes related to personal transportation. 

” I figured it was about time for some more freebies so I whipped up a pack of ten free vectors for you to add to your toolbox. They are silhouettes of different types of transportation, ranging from a horse to a scooter.”

free vector download - transportation silhouettes

free vector download - transportation silhouettes

Download the sample here.

Take a moment to explore D.A.T.

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  • soulbrew

    Will check it in a minute!

  • point-n-click

    i just listened to your old school (reggae) podcast on:

    Thanks. It made my day. I love lover’s rock almost as much as I love vectors.
    Good luck!

  • lqdtaberd

    thank you

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