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Sydney, Australia

Our dear friend Nikki from Design Nerd just keeps giving until it hurts. Here is yet another free giveaway.

Her blog is a companion to her ever expanding portfolio. As a way of giving thanks, why not pay her a visit and say hello. After all, she is a fellow Anchorpoint member and an all around great person. Find out for yourself.

free vector download splats design nerd

free vector download splats design nerd

Download the file here.
Drop her a comment on her blog to say thanks.

“Hey Guys, Bout time for another freebie…and we all know theres nothing better than a vector freebie! Here Ive made some really awesome Vector Grunge Splats! I was finding it hard to find any vector grunge so i decided to try and make some myself. They are all fully scalable and should be easy to use. They file format is Ai.”


*Source: Design Nerd Blog

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