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VECTORVAULT – It’s time for a chat: about time.

Being on time is not an outdated concept. Is it? Well, it seems as though this generation of young professionals has grown up with having what they want when they want it. Movies on demand. Food on demand and yes, even porn. The only trouble is, this generation views punctuality different than designers of yesteryear. There was a time, not so long ago when people made it on time – even early if you can imagine that.

Why is it so important to be on time?

Well for starters, you must make sure that your clients don’t loose confidence in your ability to deliver. Doing a great job is one thing, but making it to the printer under the wire can make all of the difference.

But even if it’s just meeting someone for a coffee. By making your buddy sit on a patio nibbling on a bran muffin, does more than emasculate him. It send a message that your time is worth more than his. Even if that’s true, put the Halle Berry ego aside and level the playing field by appearing thoughtful.

Punctuality is in style.

It makes you look like you’re organized. Everyone is busy these days, so strolling in late with a “I’m sorry I’m late, I got caught up at the office” just doesn’t have the same punch anymore. If you’re going to be late, put that new iPhone to use and let someone know about it. Be brief. No one cares about long winded excuses. Use your breath to whistle for a cab.

Take it slow.

Punctuality is a hard habit to get into and an easy one to slip out of. Keep at it. sooner or later, people will notice. 

What if someone has the nerve to keep me waiting?

The short answer: “split” (after a reasonable amount of time of course). Nothing lets a person know that they’ve blown it more than seeing an empty chair. Let ’em know that your time is valuable. You’ll be surprised to see them early for the next meeting.


Was that a little harsh? Did I hit a few nerves, or does someone out there agree with me? What do you think? How has punctuality changed to grow with the times. What tips do you have for others to keep them on track? Now’s the time to say something.

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  • Being on time is a big deal. It really upsets me when clients keep me waiting as well. At my office we have a jar that we use to collect a dollar for every person who is late for a meeting. At the end of the year we donate that jar to a local charity. There was over $350 in it last year. This year there is about $75. People learn their lesson when there is a consequence.

    Not so sure about leaving them though. I don’t know if I would be able to do that.

  • vector-ious

    Being on time is important.
    I agree with you.

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