Vector art and the talented artists who create it


Seattle, Wa

Jeff Gilbert and his friends at Mansplat Magazine are not only innovative and creative, they are generous contributers to the Vectorvault community. Since the “get-go”, these cats have supported vector art and the people who bring them to life. So it’s only natural that we began to take notice of the incredible work going on with their magazine.

We tried to summarize the philosophy of this group up in a nutshell. However, that proved difficult. The truth is, this magazine is a hurricane of 50’s sci-fi, metal, horror, comedy and a pinch of soft core porn for flavor. We thought that it would be better for you to explore it on your own and make friends with this interesting group.

As for the generosity that I was referring to, these scoundrels have also offered up an exclusive download prepared specifically for Vectorvault – and just in time for Halloween. Before you throw it in your sack and run to the next house, take a moment to give thanks.


Mansplat Magazine

Mansplat Blog

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