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Sugarluxe Celebrating With Weekly Giveaways

February 14th marks Sugarluxe‘s 4th Anniversary! Chandra Michaels wants to celebrate with you – “our wonderful friends, fans and loyal customers who’ve helped to make it possible. THAT MEANS YOU!”

“That’s why it’s important for me to take a moment to reflect on how much I’ve learned and how many FANTASTIC people I’ve met along the way,” says Chandra. “To each of you – I want to say a huge THANK YOU!”

So, here’s what’s happening ALL month long over at theSugarluxe Blog in celebration of this sweet moment.


1. At the beginning of each week I will post the FREE GIFTS for the week.

2. To qualify, be sure to enter your email address in the subscription box ON THE BLOG.

3. To win, you need to leave a blog comment on that weekly prize post over ON THE BLOG.

4. Thoughtful comments on other Sugarluxe posts garner you extra entries into the drawing.

5. If you write a blog and you compose a post about Sugarluxe you will get an additional 10 entries – increasing your odds of winning.

Find out about the WEEKLY PRIZES – visit the Sugarluxe Blog.

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  • The illustrations at Sugarluxe are just great. The style is so wonderful and bright. Inspiring to see vector art used in such a marketable format.

  • Hey Vector Vault Team – what a fantastic surprise to get up this morning and see this post about our contest giveaways. I sure appreciate it so much!

    Point-n-Click – THANK YOU! That kind of feedback totally gives me the fuel to keep it going, ya know what I mean?!

    I really like it around here. I just registered so I can keep up with all the great stuff happening on this site. Very cool.


    Sugarluxe makes me feel strong and sexy! I swear there is a little sugarluxe in each of us– a teaspoon of rockstar, dash of sweet, pinch of sassy… I’ve had the sugarluxe jpeg on my myspace profile pic (MySpace URL: last year because I so strongly relate and identify with SUGARLUXE! It would be so inspirational to keep true to the sugar and spice sugarluxe gal that we all are — to have this YUMMY sugar in my girly girl pad … even when I’m old and grey (underneath highlights of course lol) at 80 — it will be in my house because it celebrates girls like us! SUGARLUXE ROCKS!!!! — Jasmine

  • Ansley

    Everytime I look at sugarluxe designs, they put a huge smile on my face. Cheerjasmine, I really agree with you that SUGARLUXE ROCKS!! I have never met a nicer person than my dear, sweet friend Chandra! If you haven’t yet, go and check her out!

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