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Happy Valentine’s Day…I guess

Love is a funny thing. It can make you do wonderful things as well as drive you nuts. So there’s no surprise that some people use the “L” word with caution.

Designer Nick Schmitz knows this all too well. That’s why he has created this adorable poster entitled: “Pretty Sure“. This Valentines day, why not give your sweetheart a gift that tells them how you really feel – sort of.

Pretty Sure is a hand-pulled screenprint measuring 18″ × 24″ on #65 Cover Pop-Tone Wild Cherry Red Stock by French Paper Co. An edition of 50 prints have been made; each piece being slightly unique to the next. Each piece is signed and numbered.

Pretty Sure will travel by USPS Priority Mail in plenty of warm packaging (a study 5″ tube to maximize ruggedness and minimize curling) to protect her while she’s on her journey to her new home. If you would like her to travel a different way, email me and I will be happy to to discuss alternative shipping options.

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