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FREE Vector Magazine Download – VEKTORIKA

This month, Vektorika Magazine (Vol 2 No 11) has put together a nice cross section from the world of Vector art. This greatest hits series includes interviews with (Toronto’s hometown pride) Shingo Shimizu, and Mark Wasyl along with incredible works of art from the 4 corners of the globe. It’s FREE and it’s fantastic.

Take a look at this video montage we put together. It’s purpose is to drive you to the site to learn more about the artists that contributed. Music was designed by Alan Villipando. Enjoy:

So you can imagine the feeling we had when our very own Vectorvault was included in this addition (page 50). The design collective Design Junkie was kind enough to make room for us and we’re pretty thrilled about it.

This issue is pretty great. Then again we’re biased. We’ve been a fan of this publication since the “get go” and the quality of content has continued to get bigger and better.
Hopefully, you will resist the temptation to print it out. It was produced in pdf format for a reason. Trust me, you don’t want your printer coughing up all 80 pages. Our reco is to view it on screen. The colors are vibrant and the line work is crisp.

Now, just because this magazine is FREE, does not mean that it did not require any effort to produce it. Make a donation at the bottom of their page.

Tell us what you think about it:


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