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T-shirts from “H, E, Double Hockey Sticks”

Now let’s face it, there are a thousand t-shirt companies out there. Most of them are building apparel lines that you can wear to a picnic and get a few people asking: “Where did you get that t-shirt from?” I suppose, that’s the desired effect that you’re looking for when shopping for a t-shirt. You want to get a reaction and the designers who produce it know this.

However, the crew over at T-shirt Hell are going for a few different reactions: disgust, astonishment and offended to name just a few. They are certainly zagging while the others go zig. Their line of shirts are for those who want to turn heads and in some cases drop jaws.

Not exactly the kind of thing you want to wear to a 3 year old birthday party, but there are a few that would fit right in with a group of questionable scoundrels. Some of these are pretty funny, some are terrible. You decide.

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