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Getting to the point – A word about commitment

Commitment. That’s a strong word. To some it’s something they run from most of their lives, and to others it’s the foundation for bigger things.

Whether you’re in a relationship, a career, or a project that is very important to you – commitment plays a key role. It’s the difference between getting the results that you want and coming up short. However, commitment does not mean obsession. It is equally as important to know when to step back and take a break. I’m working on this myself.

You can be committed to something (or someone) without allowing it to shape your life. I’ve learned this the hard way through my experiences building Vectorvault with you. I had to try not to loose site of my goals, without remembering what motivated me in the first place.

This project is about you. Not me. It’s about the artists who dare to explore their creativity and the ones who support it. My commitment to Vectorvault is strong, and I hope that you continue doing what you can to share it with others. We’re in this together.

Anytime you buy a product, advertise with us, or just send a link to a friend to say “look at this!” you’re helping this thing grow.

Thanks for your commitment to Vectorvault. I’ll do my best to keep bringing you “the goods“.


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