Vector art and the talented artists who create it

  • This is a perfect example of someone who uses their environment as inspiration instead of an excuse to do wrong. I was very impressed with the images that came from this artist, but even more impressed with the artist’s compassion and love for his family.
    Something tells me that he comes from a home that had lots of love to spare.
    I can identify with this artist on many levels.

    Ansley, thanks for shining a light on South Central LA. It seems as though there are many beautiful treasures that deserve the exposure. Well done.


  • Thanks Point-n-click!! LOL you’re right. I think love was the only thing my Mother could afford when we were kids… but sometimes we couldn’t even afford that!! =)

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  • I have been an artist all my life an I always admire other great artists . after reading about ogabel I emidiately connected to his background . In a sence that I too have shared the similar expirience and the California life style .grouing up in the bay area.thrugh all the darkness of gangs drugs alcohol guns and prison , I search the light….I always found shelter in art .to escape reality and create your own.even when I found myself behind the cell walls of prison .that’s is where artists truly live in the thirteenth hour is abcent on the clock .so is the artist mind when set in to creative mode.og Abel truly has a amazingly creative mind….

  • @mf jesseboy – That’s heavy brother. Ansley Beronnes (berronesa) wrote that interview back in 2009 when OG Abel first hit our radar. Listening to you talk about your art and the escape from reality that it provides is great to hear. You seem focused on all the right things. Thanks for keeping us in step. Respect to you and OG – VV.

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