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Alexander Joo, how do you do?

Toronto, Canada

Alex always figured he’d be doing something in the arts because, man, did he really suck at that math stuff. To further break any other Asian stereotypes, he’s tall and awful at racket sports.Throughout his education he immersed himself into the fine arts: in high school aspiring to become a comic book penciller and in his early college years striving to make a break as a sculptor. One April morning at art school, while sketching nude models on manila paper with a brick of conté, he realized that he could marry his two loves – art and computers – by entering the field of graphic design.

Since then, he has entered a love affair with things such as editorial design, justified type, Adobe Illustrator and Pantone colours; his loins fester a voracious, burning passion for magazines layouts and Swiss design, as well as salted cashews and tall women with bangs.

Through the duration of his design education he has been honing his skills and absorbing experiences at various design studios in Toronto, as well as simultaneously freelancing for an endless number of others. He also continues to work tirelessly with many nonprofit organizations on a pro bono basis, so long as they are causes he wholeheartedly supports, such as the whole Tall Women Eating Salted Cashews Movement.

Upon graduating and landing a full-time design position, he decided to expand his reach into creative nonfiction writing and soon became a contributor, then contributing editor, of a breakthrough Asian Canadian magazine. Other writing gigs soon popped up and he devoured them all, terrified that sooner or later somebody will realize that he can only write on good hair days.

Alexander Joo now works seamlessly between graphic design, illustrations, magazine writing and publishing, exuberant that he is fortunate enough to have more than a single creative outlet.

Check out his portfolio.

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